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High Temperature HV Silicone Cables
Customized AC 20kV Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable

Product application: 

Designed for HV of TV receivers line output transformers, for connecting HV silicon rectistack to HV poles of picture tube, and for HV wiring and signal receiving in other electronic appliances and instruments, permitted permanent working..

Product characteristic:


Conductor: Tinned copper wire
Wrapping: Semi-conducting compound & polyester tape wrapping
Insulation: Silicone rubber


Working voltage: 20kV
Vol. test: 40 KV/5 min
Temp: <=180 ℃

No of Cores Section Conductor  Structure Nominal Insulation thickness Nominal Wire OD
  mm2 No./mm mm mm
1 185 5888/0.2 10.0 42.0