Caledonian offers customized solutions for special cables
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Caledonian cables are particularly advantageous for overseas projects

For overseas project clients, we can provide: professional color pages for the project; Overseas project application documents; Product samples; Third party test report can be provided; It can be transported by sea, air and other means. Face-to-face communication and product demonstration with overseas supervisors and owners. Caledonian Have project successful cooperation with many countries and African airports, project design office, Sri Lanka airport South Asia, southeast Asia, Singapore metro, bt projects and projects in various areas such as Hong Kong international airport, specific projects such as Mauritius airport project, Chad people's palace, Angola office building project, the airport project in Sri Lanka, Singapore metro project, etc., including the airport runway system, airport project airport baggage system, power plant control system, the highway control system, highway toll system, underground cable system, plug door, door systems, etc., in the national high quality project quality and brand Word of mouth.